Kurs og seminarerK-175

Multikulturell ledelse i barnehagen

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Verktøy for å lede i et multikulturelt arbeidsmiljø i barnehager

Cross-cultural leadership in Norwegian kindergarten

By Julien S. Bourrelle ( www.juliensbourrelle.com )

Julien uses humour to make you reflect about how your culture influences you more than you think. Through entertaining stories and visual examples, you will learn about verbal and non-verbal communication, emotional feedback, social norms and values that influence interpersonal interactions across cultures and with a focus on the challenges of today’s kindergartens. As a kindergarten leader, you will learn to understand better, communicate and lead more effectively within multi-cultural environments. The course aim to ease communication at work between people of different cultures and ease communication with children and their parents from various cultural backgrounds. The course provides practical tools for kindergarten employees to be more comfortable to tackle the challenges of a multicultural working environment. You will learn to be more aware of your own social behaviours and how they may be misinterpreted by people of other cultures.

The course provides the audience with a platform to reflect and understand the concepts Julien presents and relate them to their daily reality. The audience comes out of the course with an increased understanding of cross-cultural communication and are well prepared to lead and work with people of different cultures in kindergartens.





  • Lecture “Leading through cultural differences”
  • Interpersonal interactions across cultures-Perception, expectations- How values and rituals affect our behaviours.and cultural biases-
  • Lunch
  • Decision making processes and hierarchy- Feedback, trust, rewards, politeness, time-Genders interactions and understanding of equality
  • Workshop (på norsk) with pause
  • Deling av erfaringer og utfordringer i mindre grupper- Sammendrag av gruppe arbeid i plenum (på norsk).
  • Closing words and further reflections

Kurset holdes på Clarion Hotel Bergen airport
Kurset holdes på engelsk, men Julien snakker også norsk.
Det dekkes ikke opphold. Lunsj dekkes av oss.
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Julien S. Bourrelle is a rocket scientist, entrepreneur and bestselling author. He is one of the best-known lecturers on the Norwegian culture and the author of the book series “The Social Guidebook to Norway”. He was born in Canada and has been living in Norway since 2009. Julien was the first non-Scandinavian to sit on NTNU board of directors.

His approach full of humour provides reflected inputs on cultural differences and social interactions. His cultural stories are based on 15 years living in five countries. Julien holds two MSc. in Astronautical Engineering and speaks French, English, Norwegian and Spanish fluently.

While writing his PhD, Julien founded Mondå Forlag which publishes books with a vision to bridge cultures and help businesses and organisations to better benefit from diversity.

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